4xScalper robot is based on a short-term scalping (pipsing) with the use of technical indicators, BollingerBands and RSI. To use this advisor, you need to have an account with a minimum possible spread. Recommended timeframe: M1-M5, Currency pair: any.

Expert adviser logic

1) Bollinger Bands indicator with parameters (Period:21, Deviations:2, Shift:0, Apply to: Close).
2) RSI with a period of 14; (Levels 30/70, Apply to: Close)
The conditions required to open a Buy position:
- the price shall break through the lower band of Bollinger Bands
- RSI level shall be below 30.

Input parameters

Vol – volume of a position to be opened
BB_price – price to build BollingerBands BB_period – BollingerBands period dev – BollingerBands deviation BB_type – BollingerBands type
RSI_price – prices to build RSI
RSI_period – RSI period
Level_UP_RSI – RSI upper level
Level_DOWN_RSI – RSI lower level