You can either add an indicator from chart prefsmenu as shown in the following image:

Another way to add an indicator is directly from the chart. Just right-click on the chart, go to indicators and choose the indicator you want, as shown in the following image:

After you click on the indicator of your liking the “Add Indicator” window will pop-up from where you can set up yourIndicator parameters.

  1. You can change the indicator you want to add
  2. You can choose the DataSource for your indicator’s calculation. This can either be Open, High, Low, Close
  3. You can changethe parameters of your indicator (for example the period)
  4. Change the linestyle of your indicators
  5. Change the line thickness
  6. Change the color of your indicators

If you have downloaded an indicator from cTDN you need to do the following steps so that you can view that indicator in yourcTrader:

  1. Download cAlgo here
  2. Locate the indicator in your hard-drive and place it inside Documents\cAlgo\Sources\Indicators
  3. Open cAlgo, locate the indicator in the indicators tab and press the “Build” button
  4. You will now be able to view your indicator in your cTrader, under “Custom Indicators” menu