Represents the market data.


You can access its public properties to retrieve the OHLC data for the current symbol and timeframe.


Name Type Summary

Example 1

//Accessing historical OHLC prices from Indicators 
double close = MarketSeries.Close[index]
double high = MarketSeries.High[index]
double low = MarketSeries.Low[index]
double open = MarketSeries.Open[index]

Example 2

//Accessing historical OHLC prices from cBots (cAlgo Robots) 
double close = MarketSeries.Close[MarketSeries.Close.Count-1]
double high = MarketSeries.High[MarketSeries.Close.Count-1]
double low = MarketSeries.Low[MarketSeries.Close.Count-1]
double open = MarketSeries.Open[MarketSeries.Close.Count-1]