Lowest price series of historical trendbars.

Example 1

MarketSeries.Low[index] //The current Low price
MarketSeries.Low[index-1] //The previous Low price
MarketSeries.Low[index-5] //The Low price 5 bars ago

Example 2

//Accessing historical Low prices from cBots (cAlgo Robots) 
MarketSeries.Low[MarketSeries.Low.Count-1] //The current Low price
MarketSeries.Low[MarketSeries.Low.Count-2] //The previous Low price
MarketSeries.Low[MarketSeries.Low.Count-6] //The Low price 5 bars ago

Example 3

public DataSeries Source { get; set;}

[Parameter(DefaultValue = 14)]
public int period { get; set; }

private SimpleMovingAverage smalow

protected override void Initialize()
    smalow = Indicators.SimpleMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Low,period);//Simple movind average that use Low prices as Source.