cAlgo’s advanced backtesting functionality lets you test your cBot’s performance against historical data.

Define a historical time period, hit play, and watch as the results come in for how your robot would have performed.

To Use Backtesting

  1. Build your cBot 
  2. Add an instance
  3. Set your variable parameters
  4. Click the Backtest tab
  5. Define your time period by using the dropdown menus or by dragging the slider.
  6. Click play.


Backtesting may take a few minutes to complete. You can estimate the progress and time remaining by looking at the time period slider which becomes progressively orange.

Once completed, you can see full details of your results including details of transactions, historical data loading,

Transaction Details
Details of all transactions and trade modifications will appear in the main event window.

The Log will record events related to the loading of your historical data.

Detailed report of results, including net profitcommissions paid, and average trade profit/loss.

Your balance and equity results plotted as a line chart.