Metatrader 4 Client Terminal

MT4 Client Terminal is specially designed for experienced traders looking for an ideal, first-class automated trading platform, with advanced charting and competitive execution of orders, as well as with the most comprehensive management instruments. Metatrader 4 Client Terminal is consistently rated one of the leading online forex trading platforms and one of the most widely used trading platforms for Forex. Its core advantages as an online forex platform are ease of use and its ability to work seamlesly with automated trading strategies - EAs and robots.

FxPro MT4 offers comprehensive functionality and innovative order management tools to ensure that you 

can monitor your positions fast and efficiently. 

FxPro provides all the automated forex management tools required for an optimal trading experience whether you use using manual or automated trading strategies. Within an innovative trading environment with features such as competitive pricing and high-speed execution, FxPro ensures our clients maximise their trading potential on forex and commodities such as precious metals and energy and equity indices.

FxPro also offer access to an MT4 forex Demo account through which new and existing clients can gain experience and confidence of the forex platform in a Demo forex trading environment and try out their automated trading strategies using live and historical data.

cAlgo Algorithmic Platform

cAlgo is the newest platform for the development and testing of automated algorithmic strategies on the Forex market trading with the FxPro cTrader ECN platform. The combined use of cAlgo and FxPro cTrader forex trader platform allows traders to access to a wide choice of automated forex trading functions for technical analysis and automatic trading systems. A modern ะก# programming language and an integrated editor are especially especially easy to use for professional and beginner programmers looking for the best automated forex-trading platform.

Combining Fxpro cAlgo with FxPro cTrader gives traders access to ther wealth of essential automated forex-trading  functionality required for successful technical analysis and automated trading.

FxPro cAlgo is the new automated trading software for cTrader Combining FxPro cAlgo with FxPro cTrader gives traders access to a wealth of essential functionality required for successful technical analysis and automated trading.

Automatically place Buy or Sell orders using the algorithmic forex trading software. Financial market trading decisions based on current market prices, time of day, indicator values and history.

Of course an unlimited forex demo trading platform is available for you to test your trading strategies

Technical Indicators

FxPro cAlgo can also be used to create bespoke technical indicators for automated forex trading technical analysis using the source code editor and the C# language. These custom indicators will appear in addition to the cTrader built in indicators will become immediately available for implementing ECN trading strategy. All indicators can be referenced in the algorithms of your Custom Indicators.

FxPro cAlgo Live Updates

FxPro cAlgo Live Updates are built into the platform. Each time the trader launches FxPro cAlgo, any available updates are automatically downloaded and installed. The update process takes few seconds and FxPro cAlgo launches once all updates have been successfully installed.

ECN cTrader Platform

cTrader is an innovative, user-friendly forex trading platform with one click execution and access to the Level II pricing, with full view of market depth. Active forex traders everywhere in the world highly appreciate the advantages of ECN trading with cTrader Platform.

cTrader’s spowerful and user-friendly ECN (‘Electronic Communication Network) is specifically designed for FX trading and ideal for automated forex strategies. FxPro cTrader combines superior functionality and provides advanced order routing, streaming prices from multiple global banks and execution services with real-time credit management. The GUI (‘Graphical User Interface’) offers the latest advances in the financial technology sector including technical analysis, chart trading and a social networking functionality.

When you trade via the cTrader ECN online forex platform, all trades are sent to the banks completely anonymously. The banks are unable to see what positions or how many positions you have open. The banks cannot see what level of margin you are using or at what level you have set Stop Loses or Take Profits. The banks cannot change their quotes to stop you out or trigger a margin call.

Witt detachable and shareable charts, single-click execution, full view of Market Depth and Level II Pricing and the ability to deploy EAs as standard, including scalping - FxPro CTrader online platform is ideal for traders wanting to pursue an automated trading strategy in an true ECN forex trading environment.

And because FxPro cTrader is an N.D.D. / STP environment, the forex dealing desk cannot influence your trade – you receive the very best Bid/Ask prices available in the market with NO requotes. 


FxPro offer clients the opportunity to trade using the award-winning MT4 forex trading platforms. The MT4 trading platform is designed to provide you with all the management tools and financial information you need to trade and thrive in today’s forex markets.

We offer access to an MT4 Demo Account for our clients to gain experience and confidence in an unlimited free demo trading environment.

MetaTrader 4 offers a feature rich user-friendly interface and a highly customizable forex trading environment, created to fulfil all your trading needs and enhance your trading performance.

Competitive pricing with tight spreads, combined with rapid execution of orders grants FxPro a leading place within the FX industry. You can hedge your positions and rely on FxPro’s comprehensive risk management system to ensure that you do not lose more than your deposited funds.

In order to offer you an agency model with MT4 we have developed unique methods to compensate for some of the limitations of the platform. These counter limitations including reduced depth information and the instant execution method preferred by our MT4 traders.