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Forex scripts

Forex script is special auto forex trading programme code designed for a variety of Forex trading platforms, to make auto-forex trading easier, allowing the auto forex trader to avoid monotony and pay more attention to the improvement of their own forex trading strategies. Forex trading scripts open new opportunities for automated forex trading and reduce the risk associated with ‘human’ factors.

Automated forex trading scripts improve the functionality of forex trading program, and individually modify them according to the individual needs of each forex trader. They solve pure utility tasks – both analytical and trading. Automated Forex scripts operate at the user’s request but not automatically, unlike automated forex advisors and indicators, i.e. they require user-participation to activate them.

Examples of automated Forex trading script functions include: calculation of lot amount, closing of all Buy/Sell orders, closing of all profitable orders (Buy/Sell), removal of all pending orders and time opening/closing of positions, etc.

The capabilities of automated Forex trading scripts are limited by the requests designed into their logics. Other software products on our website – automated trade advisers and indicators - have a more sophisticated functionality. However, modern forex trading platforms support the simultaneous use of forex trading scripts, advisors and indicators making it possible to fully optimise your auto forex trading tactics and strategy.